#TIPiscoming – MALG 17 Competition Rules

If you are a delegate at Money Advice Liaison Group’s 2017 Conference you can win an Apple iPad and £200 for your favourite debt advice charity by talking part in out Twitter Competition.

How to take part

  1. Get your picture taken with our whiteboard – choose one word that says what you think can be improved about IVAs. You also need to tell us which debt advice charity you’d like the donation to go to.
  2. We’ll tweet that from @TIP_IVA with the hashtag #TIPiscoming
  3. Then it is up to you!

How to win

  1. The winner will be the person who gets the most engagement on Twitter for the post TIP_IVA sends with their picture.
  2. We’ll, measure engagement by counting three points for a reply or comment with a quote, two points for a retweet and one point for a like.
  3. Only the first retweet and like from your own account will count – but you may want to do more to make the most of your chances.
  4. We’ll retweet all mentions of #TIPiscoming to boost your score.
  5. The competition will close at midnight on Monday, 4 December 2017.
  6. The winner will be informed by direct message on Twitter as soon as possible after that date.

What else we’ll do

We are going to use people’s answers to create a straw poll about people’s views on what needs to be improved in IVAs – so it doesn’t matter if your idea is the same as anyone else’s it just matters that you spread the word that #TIPiscoming

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