Angel Advance

Angel Advance is a major debt solutions provider, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer advice about a range of debt solutions, including IVAs. We provide individual and holistic debt advice to customers from wide-ranging backgrounds with differing circumstances.


Janet Mayo

Janet Mayo, a chartered accountant, has worked in insolvency for many years, specialising in IVAs for the last 12.  She strongly believes an IVA can be a good solution to an individual’s debt problems in the right circumstances. IVAs are a complex solution that need clear, easy to understand, explanations at the start, time for the client to think about the solution before committing and support through the arrangement to reach a successful conclusion.   Each client’s circumstances are different and need individual attention. In her spare time, Janet likes to be active – running and cycling.  She is also a volunteer counsellor with Childline.

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