Greater control for Insolvency Practitioners through improved standards for insolvency, reduced failure rates and real-time reporting facilities.

What we do
  • We provide IPs with low cost, sustainable IVA cases.
  • We provide a collaborative business-improvement environment to help you strengthen and grow.
  • We can ease your cash-flow and the cost of acquisition.
What we don’t do
  • We do not seek to negatively impact your competitive advantages in the market.
  • We do not set “criteria” for cases, beyond best advice and sustainability.
  • We are not another insolvency regulator.
Supporting Insolvency Practitioners Through Innovation

The majority of Insolvency Practitioners are professional individuals who work with integrity. In recent years, we have seen a new breed of IVA firms enter the market. Less akin to professional services, these firms are considerably more sales focused, and practice a completely different approach to client care and service. At TIP, we believe a “sales only” approach to insolvency is detrimental to all stakeholders. By creating a panel of IVA providers, that are driven by creating successful outcomes for their clients and long-term, sustainable business models, we believe we can bring balance back to the insolvency sector. We want to help create successful IVA providers, whose success is a result of delivering effective outcomes.

Improved Outcomes In Insolvency

TIP is an innovation with the sole aim of improving personal insolvency outcomes for people in debt. We are committed to assisting Insolvency Practitioners by ensuring best practice IVAs with a focus on sustainability and clarity for all parties. We promise cheaper, sustainable case lead-generation for IPs with a greater degree of control through our real-time reporting facility.

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