Refer clients for IVAs with full confidence in the quality of service and sustainability of outcomes.

What we do
  • We share data on the performance of IPs on our panel.
  • We deliver the lowest cost IVAs for sustainable debt solutions.
  • We provide full reporting on your client’s journey through their IVA.
  • We fund and support debt advice work via our independent Charitable Trust.
What we don’t do
  • We do not offer debt advice to your clients.
  • We do not make payments or offer any incentives to advise an IVA.
  • We will not send your client to anyone else but you, if they are not suitable for an IVA.
  • We do not believe in restricting a client’s access to an IVA: Our criteria are based on need – not numbers.
Supporting Free Debt Advice Through Improved Insolvency Standards

The most successful debt solutions start with robust debt advice. When a client gets comprehensive, holistic advice, there is greater sustainability in their debt solution. Our goal is to match good advice journeys from free-to-client advisors with good IVA management, to ensure the best possible outcomes for all. We want more people in debt to get free, independent advice and to evolve the IVA product is evolving to meet their needs, creating financial capability and confidence.

Advisors need up to date detail if they are to give the best advice. That is why our system, TIPhub, offers free credit reports to signed-up debt advisors, for use with all their clients.

TIP Is Committed To Supporting Free Debt Advice

TIP brings together debt advisors, creditors and insolvency practitioners to create a virtuous circle between stakeholders. We believe in the holistic advice provided by the free advice sector and we will support that with funding. Forty per cent of our gross revenue is donated to support free-to-client debt advice organisations via our independent charitable trust.

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