Delivering lower early IVA terminations and positive, sustainable returns for Creditors.

What we do
  • We deliver increased and more sustainable returns to creditors.
  • We provide certainty and transparency in IVA fees
  • We aim to enable quicker disbursement to creditors through reduced case costs.
What we don’t do
  • We do not work with IVA firms with high failure rates.
  • We do not work with IVA firms with high or hidden fees.
  • We do not support poor advice journeys or will not allow your clients to be exploited.
Supporting creditors by improving IVA standards

Recently creditors have seen their returns in IVA decrease and many more IVAs fail: The increase in early years terminations is a genuine concern; the result can only be a further reduction in returns. TIP believes that a small number of IVA providers, who process a disproportionately large volume of cases, are putting commercial interests before those of debtors and creditors. Insolvency practitioners must balance the needs of creditor and debtor equally. TIP, with our panel of IPs, want to bring that balance back by creating a level of transparency and accountability that returns confidence and trust to the insolvency process.

Our aim is to restore positive channels of communication between creditors, creditor representatives and insolvency practitioners so that we can work together to create the outcomes the everyone deserves.

Realistic, achievable returns for creditors.

IVAs provide better returns to creditors than alternatives like DRO or Bankruptcy. TIP delivers IVA running costs that are consistently lower than other providers. We provide continuous visibility via our reporting portal, and fewer early terminations due to our committed process and real time data reporting.

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