Ensuring sustainable debt solutions through improved, manageable Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

What we do
  • We provide the best, low cost IVA solutions for managing your debt.
  • We only work with the very best IVA providers, who reach and maintain our high service expectations.
  • We ensure you receive free, independent debt advice before entering into an IVA, to make sure it’s right for you.
What we don’t do
  • We do not charge you any fees, and will not try to “sell” you anything.
  • We do not deliver direct advice to you, but use our panel of independent authorised free debt advice experts to support you.
  • Your TIP Insolvency Practitioner will not stop supporting you until you are back to financial health and freedom.
We Will Be With You For The Whole Journey

We do not work with you directly, and we may never even speak, but TIP supports you all the way through your journey out of debt. From ensuring you get free independent debt advice in the first place, to giving you a nudge if you get off track, TIP is always working to deliver the best possible outcome for you. When life throws something unexpected in your path, your IVA provider and debt advisor will work together to support and advise you. Once your IVA has finished, and you are free of debt, we provide you with the financial tools and skills to keep you there. Supported by TIP, you can be confident with your money and excited about your future financial goals.

Better Outcomes In Insolvency

TIP is committed to providing you with achievable debt relief solutions that are within your means. We deliver peace of mind by guaranteeing that the Insolvency Practitioners managing your IVA process comply with our standards of practice. Our goal is to support you through your IVA process and back to financial wellbeing.

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