TIPhub: Get free client credit reports; Refer suitable clients for IVAs

From today, Monday 22 October 2018, TIPhub is live.

Free-to-client debt advisors can use TIPHub to arrange appointments for appropriate clients to get an IVA interview. They can also use TIPhub to get real-time, online credit reports for any client. No more waiting for a PIN in the post.

The credit report service is part of TIP’s social enterprise commitment. We donate at least half of gross profit to fund free debt advice. We pay for Experian’s credit reports but provide them to you free-of-charge.

The free debt advice community often sees clients who might be suitable for Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) – but that they don’t recommend them. Advisors no longer trust IVA providers to provide a solution that is affordable or achievable to many of their clients. TIP changes this.

What TIPhub gives you

TIPHub lets debt advisors submit a full Standard Financial Statement compliant income and expenditure for a member of our insolvency practitioner panel to consider for an IVA.

You can use TIPHub to help all your clients, not just those who may be suitable for IVAs.

TIPHub gives you an up-to-date credit report for your client. There are options to see account numbers and a snapshot of their current account. TIPHub also values any vehicles your client owns.

You can do this real-time, during the advice session – making advice more accurate and increasing the likelihood of your client taking action. TIP pays for these services but they are free to you.

If you do think a client may be suitable for an IVA then TIPHub will keep you up-to-date with the progress of their case.

Is TIPhub secure?

TIP has achieved full PCI-DSS compliance in order to provide these services to you. TIPs data is housed on servers that meet the highest standards for data security: That’s why we will be asking to see your organisation’s data protection policies and processes when you sign up to use TIPhub.

Signing up for TIPhub

To use TIPhub you will need to register here. We will then send you the necessary documents to assure us you meet current data protection requirements. There will never be an obligation on you to refer IVAs – but we hope you will. TIP gets our income from payments made by our IPs for the information they get and the data services we provide.

At least 40% of every penny we receive goes to our associated charitable trust to fund free debt advice agencies and projects. Like you.

How TIP works.

We say we represent a virtuous circle in linking the free-to-client debt advice sector and IVA providers who are committed to transparency and can show high standards. You must judge for yourself.

Our aim is to improve outcomes in IVAs by working with insolvency practitioners who can show high standards in IVA administration (for example our panel have early failure rates around half those of the industry as a whole) and who commit to complete transparency.

We help put right what we think are the IVA sector’s biggest problems by only accepting case-referrals from free-to-client, FCA authorised debt advisors and by insisting on low fees and costs.

We want to ensure the free debt advice sector benefits from what we do. So, half of our gross profit (at least 40% of our revenue from IVA referrals) funds free debt advice. We do this through a separate charitable trust with entirely independent trustees. It is right the sector should benefit but we agree with your feedback that a financial reward shouldn’t influence your own decision making. Even if that was less real than apparent.


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