TIP IVA portal log-in

TIP’s IVA portal

TIP has launched our new IVA portal.  Free-to-client debt advisors can now submit details of customers they think are right for an IVA online.

Anytime you log-in to the TIP IVA portal you will see all the cases you have referred – throughout the life of each IVA.

Debt advisors can submit a complete SFS compliant income and expenditure statement through the IVA portal. You can load details of debts (something that will become even simpler soon, thanks to free credit reports – see below). And you can upload all the documents required (bank statements, payslips, etc) to draft a complete IVA proposal. That’s everything a TIP insolvency practitioner (IP) needs to evaluate the suitability of an IVA for your client. And to propose the IVA, if you client confirms that’s what they want.

What’s happening to my client?

This is definitely your portal. It isn’t just for you to send details to TIP. You can log-in to see for yourself, day or night, that our IPs are doing their best for your client. Anytime you log-in you will be able to see the progress of any of the cases you have referred – throughout the life of the IVA.

We do mean anytime. Whilst we know most debt advisors use systems like this from a fixed location in their office, the portal is tablet and smartphone friendly, and you can use it anywhere.

Service standards

When you submit a case it will be allocated to one of our panel of IPs. They have three hours (inside a business day) to accept the case before it is passed to another panel member. All they can see is a name and a chosen contact time – so there is no cherry-picking. Once they’ve accepted the case they can see the details you’ve provided and will contact your client. You can check anytime to see how things are going.

Free online credit reports

But there is much more to come. The IVA portal will be debt advisors’ go-to for free online credit reports for all customers. Not just those you refer to TIP. You’ll be able to discuss verified financial information with your client in the first advice session if you need to. You won’t need to wait for the post to start work on a DRO, You might even find you need fewer advice sessions per client to get the results you want. And that report will include property and car valuations too. Register now for more news very soon.

IVA portal and AdvicePro

We are also working to integrate with debt advice systems like AdvicePro. So, soon, if you are registered with TIP, you will soon be able to send client details to us with just one mouse-click.

Find out more

If you are a free-to-client debt advisor you can find out more by registering here.


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TIP IVA portal log-in
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