TIP – A Social Enterprise. Building financial capability, funding free debt advice and delivering better outcomes in Individual Voluntary Arrangements

What we do
  • We make IVAs better for everyone
  • We improve IVA outcomes and financial capability for people in debt
  • We deliver better outcomes for creditors and consumers through low fees and sustainability
  • We only work with IVA providers that reach and maintain our high service expectations
  • We provide a new source of funding for free-to-client, non-profit debt advisors
What we don’t do
  • We are not a lead generator or insolvency practitioner
  • We do not give debt advice
  • We do not “sell” our services direct to consumers
  • We won’t work with insolvency practitioners who are not transparent about their results
  • We do not add unnecessary fees and charges to the costs of an IVA
Delivering Sustainable Individual Voluntary Arrangements

TIP is a social enterprise that creates trust between everyone involved in resolving debt through an IVA. Working with Insolvency Practitioners who meet stringent compliance and monitoring TIP works to improve the performance, results and outcomes for all interested stakeholders. TIP creates outcomes for the consumer that go beyond resolving their debt, empowering them to rebuild their financial lives. TIP keeps each IVA on track using real-time data and open reporting, giving creditors daily performance indicators on their clients’ position. Working with TIP, the free advice sector can refer clients for an IVA with full confidence that the advice and support they will receive will lead to the best possible outcome for their client.

Sustainable Solutions for Personal Insolvency

TIP is a Social Enterprise. TIP was founded to address the dissatisfaction of all stakeholders with the performance of Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVAs).

We are passionate about achieving positive and sustainable change in personal insolvency and supporting debt advice. Which is why more than half of all the money we earn goes to fund the free debt advice sector.

We want to be mould-breakers, and to encourage more innovative and sustainable ways of improving the outcomes for all our stakeholders. We are independent of all stakeholders, and as such act as a facilitator to maintain the balance of interests.

Who are our Stakeholders?


TIP is committed to providing achievable debt relief solutions for consumers that are within your means. We deliver peace of mind, by guaranteeing that the Insolvency Practitioners managing your IVA process have all complied to our approved standards of practice. By working with TIP, you can be sure that everyone, from your debt advisor to the IP, will take the pains to get you through the IVA process and back into financial health.

Debt Advisor

TIP believes in building quality IVAs that Debt Advisors can trust for their clients. Our goal is to return confidence to the insolvency sector, so that Debt Advisors can confidently refer a case, knowing that their client will get the appropriate outcomes. We believe in the holistic advice provided by the free advice sector and we support that with funding from our independent charitable trust – The Insolvency Panel Charitable Trust. TIP provides transparent reporting on referrals to Debt Advisors so they can continuously evaluate outcomes.

Insolvency Practitioners

The Insolvency Panel consists of approved Insolvency Practitioners who have reached our approved standards of practice. TIP delivers, cheaper, sustainable case lead generation for the IPs we work with and leads that are less likely to terminate early. TIP IVA cases are fully advised by qualified, unbiased debt advice professionals. This that the customer is informed and understands all that is required of them in an IVA. TIP can deliver greater control for IPs with reduced failure rates and an all-round, real-time reporting facility.

The Insolvency Panel is an ethical business that promotes the provision of transparent and quality assured IVAs. TIP is open to any IVA IP firm that wants to be part of this innovation, and reaches our minimum standards improvement circle.


In most cases IVAs provide better returns to creditors than alternatives such as DRO or Bankruptcy. TIP helps to provide realistic, achievable returns for creditors. With an IVA running cost that is consistently below the standard mark, TIP offers continuous visibility via our reporting portal, with fewer early terminations due to our client engagement, financial technology tools and real time data reporting facility.

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